Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Weight Loss Struggle

I realize that nothing happens dramatically or drastically, and i have been successively losing weight for some odd weeks now, so why do I feel as if I am failing to reach my goal at all?
I maybe sticking to my workout routine, but my daily eating habits, although improved from before,have left me disappointed and weak. I have a strict food policy in which I allow myself to wake up with a cup of coffee and throughout they day i am aloud to eat meals from the different food groups, fruits and vegetables preferable in all meals i eat in a day.
Today i failed myself in that area, quiet frankly i have been weak-willed when it came to my food intakes for a while now, eating things like cereal (which i have come to realize is my Achilles heel), and sweets such as pies, cakes, and cookies. Granted I do not overload on such food, and completely cutting them from my diet is setting myself up for failure, i should not be eating these once a day no matter how small.
When I started this weight loss mission my goal was to lose 15 pounds and so far i have lost about 8. My exercise routine is one i follow everyday, yet i still cannot stop feeling guilty about these small, pleasurable, sweet foods.
I must stay strong. Self control is something that can be learned and will be learned. I just hope that the small set backs in food intakes i have had recently does not do to much damage to my weight loss goal.
I must keep motivated, and i must learn to say "No" the golden, magic words that will help me progress!
weigh in at 123
height 5'4

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